Batman: believe the hype

Because for once it’s real. Dark Knight is a triumph, and heavy enough to make Iron Man look lightweight. Heath Ledger is almost certainly en route for the first posthumous Oscar since Peter Finch; his Joker is so disturbed and disturbing we can only wonder just how the role must have haunted the actor across his last days. And the movie’s script is as dark as it is demented: the plot weaves byzantine threads, and the first five minutes will have you wondering just what the HELL is going on. It’s rare that a movie 2.5 hours long can justify its length, but this movie is totally sans padding, and a total must-see.

‘Nuff said for now. Enjoy the weekend.

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8 Responses to “Batman: believe the hype”

  1. glendale Says:

    Unfortunately, I did believe the hype and now I want my money back, and better actors would be nice, too. :(

  2. Captain Mac Says:

    Damn you colonials (and ex-pat novelists) for rubbing our noses in it – it’s not out until the end of the week in Blighty!

  3. me Says:

    i have to wait until the “hype” is over then i go see it in a nice quiet theater and absorb it all. but i will be sure to go uptown.

  4. David Williams Says:

    @Captain Mac: sorry man, there are times America rulz. this is one of them.

    @glendale: at least tell me you liked the preview for Terminator 4.

  5. greyheart Says:

    It was an excellent movie. i truely enjoyed it save for the motorcycle that i really hated. But Heath ledger real nailed it, he made the other actors in the movie fade into the background, and thats hard to do with 2 other oscar winners in that movie. Imo it should have been called “Joker” not batman.. as it was all him..

  6. Ehlonya Says:

    I enjoyed the movie, all of the actors performed superbly but then again i’m one of those normal folks who’d watch a movie for it’s enjoyability not to criticize/dump on it.

  7. Steven Klotz Says:

    I watched the movie on IMAX and the scenes filmed natively in IMAX were jaw dropping. If you have a chance to see this on an IMAX screen, I’d highly recommend it.

  8. David Williams Says:

    @ Steven. I’ve heard that from more than one person–looks like I’ve got another movie to add to my “to see” list. : )