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The nice folks over at Fantasy Bookspot have published an interview with me in which I touch for the first time on the relationship between 9-11 and my book (hey, they asked), in addition to revealing some behind-the-scenes moments in my quest to get the #$# book published.

In other news, Balticon was great fun, and featured me being on at least two more panels than I’d thought: one on Arthur C. Clarke, and the other on megastructures in SF. I also did the first post-publication reading of THE MIRRORED HEAVENS, which must have been at least somewhat successful, since a member of the audience fell asleep during the middle of it. I think this had more to do with him than me, though, because I tend to act like I’m on coke when I’m doing my readings. (If you don’t believe me, come on out to Borders Baileys Crossroads tomorrow night.) Beyond that magical moment, highlights of the con include meeting John Hemry, author of the Lost Fleet series, and one of the blurbers of my book, as well as the weapons in space panel that Hemry moderated, in which a bunch of us had a great discussion ranging across near future vs. far future universes, kinetic energy vs. directed energy, and unmanned vs manned vehicles. Very interesting indeed. Had some great conversations with Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray too . . . knew them both by reputation, but it was awesome to actually have the chance for some drinks.  Oh, and Jeri Smith-Ready gave me a signed copy of Wicked Game that she scored at a local Border’s (the dealer’s room had sold out, given that her book’s flying off the shelves). . .she rulz!

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