The Stealth Crash

A B2 bomber has crashed on takeoff in Guam. The two pilots bailed out in time.

We’ve noticed some confusion out there in the blogosphere regarding this and the last high-profile Stealth incident, the Kosovo shootdown in 1999, with some folks thinking these were the same type of aircraft. They weren’t. The one that got shot down by Serbia in 1999 was the F-117 Stealth fighter/ground attack aircraft. And apparently the Russians got a good look at the wreckage. They’re now busily working on their own: one more component of their post-Cold War military resurgence.

2 Responses to “The Stealth Crash”

  1. Ruski Says:

    “Adolf Hitler always understood that his primary enemy was the United States.” Why did he attacked CCCP? U usually get rid of the big guy first..isn’t how that works?

  2. David Williams Says:

    Ruski – short answer is that taking over CCCP would allow him to create/consolidate a European superstate capable of taking on the U.S./fighting transatlantic war.