THE MACHINERY OF LIGHT reviews: “brute force of genius”

Here at AutumnRain HQ we’re monitoring the first reviews and mentions as we battle our way up the charts one last time.

Lincoln Cho at January Magazine writes that, “for me it all came together with the third book, The Machinery of Light . . .it’s taken me this long to really begin to understand the brute force of the genius at work here.

Jeff Vandermeer chronicles the release for Omnivoracious, citing “Williams’ hybrid military SF/cyberpunk/espionage” as an example of “intelligent, exciting near future SF” and mentioning that futurist Jamais Cascio has cited the Autumn Rain trilogy as one of the outstanding examples of posthuman science fiction.

Tony Smith at Starship Sofa lets me hold forth about the weirdness inherent in having relationships with imaginary people (i.e., one’s characters).

D.B. Grady interviews me over at PopSyndicate, in which I reveal why I write, what’s next and how I got here in the first place.

David Durica chats with me at SciFiOverdrive on the finale of the trilogy.

David Brendon of Barnes and Noble South Africa gives his initial impression of first book MIRRORED HEAVENS.

Only the Best Scifi gives their final impression on the same, and also becomes the first reviewer yet to realize that there’s a deeper meaning as to why these books are written in present tense.

Andrew Liptak calls MIRRORED HEAVENS a “unique, high-octane vision of the future.”

Tia Nevitt lets me weigh in on what it’s like to finish a trilogy.

Jessica Strider of World’s Biggest Bookstore talks with me about advice to writers and my not-so-secret crush.

Mentatjack indulges me as I talk about the technology behind the books in general and O’Neill cylinders in particular.

Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review interviews me about space warfare and cyberpunk.

SFNovelists gets my take on saying goodbye to characters.

But you don’t have to say bye to them just yet—get THE MACHINERY OF LIGHT right here!

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  1. AlexJCavanaugh Says:

    That’s good stuff, David!

  2. meesh Says:

    you’re a genius. who knew? congrats my dear!!!